Book | Kief Preston’s Timetested Edibles Cookbook: Medical Marijuana Recipes Cannabutter Edition

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These Edibles are Bomb!nothing smells better than freshly baked sweets with a hint of sticky ganja goodness spreading through your kitchen and beyond! I, Kief Preston, long-time supporter of marijuana legalization, medical marijuana patient, former sous-chef, and edibles connoisseur, personally hand-picked this collection of recipes to help you enjoy your medicine in the form of your favorite Thc-infused snacks.with this impeccable assortment of mouthwatering, medical marijuana edibles recipes you can make killer: canna-pecan-pie chocolate chip cookies frosted cannabis cupcakes hot pot-wings French toast the classic “special” brownies (of course!) and much more… No More Guessing! Detailed Step-by-step Instructions For Each Delicious Recipe!if it’s medical marijuana edibles you’re craving, you can’t go wrong with this cookbook!whether you use marijuana for natural pain relief, need marijuana for anxiety, insomnia, or any other reason, making edibles will allow you enjoy the natural medicinal benefits of this wonderful herbal remedy without any of the harmful carcinogens associated with smoking, not to mention that it tastes fantastic if done correctly. Each of these recipes is guaranteed to satiate your appetite while delivering the unique healing effects of this amazing plant. To start cooking, scroll up and grab your copy right now! Make sure to check back regularly for exiting new releases from “the Kief Preston’s Time-tested Edibles Cookbook Series” appearing soon exclusively in the Amazon Kindle Store, and if you like’em Please leave a review!bob Appétit!