Weed In a Pan: How to Decarboxylate Cannabis

A quick overview and how to guide for weed decarboxylation – converting the THCA to THC to be used in most cannabis recipes.

Sorry for the late weekly video – I was out of town for a week but I should be uploading 1-2 videos a week now that most of my grows are wrapping up because of the change in the climate. This is the first video in the Weed in a Pan series – ideally my videos will rotate every week from a grow / time lapse video (Grow Cannabis 101), an informational video (Cannabis Horticulture 201), a consumption / cooking video (Weed in a Pan), and a processing / tech video (not sure about the name yet). Thanks for sticking with me as I’m figuring out how to share my newly legalized (in sunny California) hobby with the community!

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